Information on lessons

What is a lesson like?

Gilles Rullmann Alexander Techniek Haarlem tafel
photo: ineke oostveen.

During an Alexander technique lesson the teacher helps you discover and change your habits through light touch and verbal instructions. We work a lot with simple movements (especially in the beginning), like sitting down and standing up. Exactly because these are simple movements, which you repeat many times a day without thinking about them, it's easy to learn to recognise all movement - and tension patterns which you use in all your activities.

Besides that, during a lesson you will usually work 'on the table'. The semi-supine (lying down) position makes it easier to discover where you are holding and can therefore release tensions. Although not specifically intended in that way, many students experience the table work as a gentle massage, after which they feel lighter and more balanced.

How many lessons?

To make a good start with the principles of the Alexander technique a series of 10 lessons is usually recommended. For students with pain/injury 10 lessons often yield clearly noticeable and long lasting effects. If you want to get more from the Alexander technique you will need more lessons - usually some 20-30. But getting to know the Alexander technique starts with a first lesson: please feel free to contact us for an appointment.

At first it is important to have lessons every week - or even twice a week: that way the lessons will be more effective and results will come more quickly.

How much is a lesson?

EUR 75,- to 65,- (incl. BTW) per 50 minute lesson - sliding scale depending on ability to pay.
EUR 675,- to 585,- (incl. BTW) per voucher for 10 lessons - sliding scale depending on ability to pay.

Applied lessons and workshops

You can also book individual lessons or group workshops specifically tailored to a specific activity, like your favourite sport or playing your instrument. For an impression have a look at the running page or the tennis page.

Society and complaints procedure

Gilles Rullmann is a certified member of the NeVLAT, the Dutch society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. NeVLAT-teachers have committed to the code of conduct and complaints procedure of the NeVLAT. If you were to have a complaint we cannot solve amongst ourselves, you can turn to NeVLAT.