About Gilles Rullmann

Gilles Rullmann
photo: ineke oostveen.

I am a real generalist. I have previously (and largely concurrently) worked as a musician and music teacher (violinist, guitar player, singer in Irish and other traditional music styles), university teacher of environmental sciences and whitewater kayaking instructor. In the Alexander technique this wideranging interest for learning, for moving, for patterns of thought and behaviour is integrated. The Alexander technique is a kind of meta-technique: it can provide a solid base for everything we do.
Personally the Alexander technique made me a fast and lightfooted runner, a freeer musician, better improviser, more rounded teacher, more relaxed as a presenter, more at ease as a parent; besides I don't lose my voice anymore when singing or teaching workshops and after 5 hours on the road I get out of the car with great ease while the rest of the band rolls into the parking lot half crippled (and my feet went up a shoesize and I no longer keep pulling up my eyebrows)…

I'm teaching Alexander technique at the conservatoriums of Amsterdam (CvA) and Utrecht Conservatory (HKU). I'm working as a consultant, chinrest designer and co-owner with my colleagues of Violinist in Balance/Artist in Balance (linked to the Utrecht Conservatory) to help violinists and violists play with balance and ease on custom-fitted equipment.
I taught both Alexander technique and Anatomy at the Alexander Technique Centre Amsterdam for seven years (see below). I've been teaching lots of workshops applying Alexander technique to running and playing tennis.
I was chairman of NeVLAT (since June 2017), the Dutch society of Alexander teachers, from 2017-2021.


For more info on my musical activities click here.


Under the spirited guidance of Georgia Dias I came in touch with the Alexander technique. I then completed the three year Alexander technique teacher training at the Alexander Technique Centre Amsterdam (ATCA) in the skillful hands of Tessa Marwick and Paul Versteeg, where I have been teaching ever since. I'm a certified member of the Dutch society of teachers in the Alexander technique (NeVLAT).